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Product Description

The Proteus is aimed at people who are looking for an advanced meditation machine with built in meditation sessions, all at a competitive price. In addition to sessions that lead you into deep relaxation and meditation, there are programs to aid sleep, improve learning, enhance memory, creativity visualization and much more.

The Proteus is exceptionally easy to use and its programs range in length from 10 to 60 minutes.

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For a limited period with each Meditation Machine we are including a FREE four week ‘Concentrate Your Mind’ e-course worth £25.

This course is the perfect complement to your Meditation Machine. Use the easy-to-follow exercises during your Meditation Machine sessions and start to see amazing results in a few days.

Key features of the Proteus system

  • Super-bright glasses with ‘ruby red’ and ’emerald green’ LEDs
  • Free downloadable session editor enables you to create your own sessions
  • Capacity to store nearly 200 sessions
  • 50 built-in sessions for deep relaxation, meditation, enhanced concentration, peak performance, improved learning, creativity and more
  • Deluxe stereo headphones
  • AudioStrobe™ decoding circuitry. This allows specially encoded music CDs to control the Proteus’s lights resulting in perfectly synchronized audio-visual experiences. >Click here to learn more..
  • AudioStrobe sampler CD
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Easy to operate

Your Proteus package includes:

Includes our ‘Concentrate Your Mind’ course worth £25
BONUS – Also includes 3 amazing guided visualisations

  • Stylish, compact control console with built-in folding stand.
  • Super-bright ‘Ruby/Emerald” Liteframes
  • Deluxe stereo headphones.
  • Manual
  • Carry case
  • AudioStrobe sampler CD
  • Stereo patch cord
  • USB adaptor cable

What People Say

“Just thought I would give you some feedback on the Proteus! I am managing to get 15 minutes everyday and it’s working fantastically well. I am even finding it helps relieve my headaches. Or at least it is chilling me out so I don’t worry so much maybe!”

Jason Hulott – Internet Marketing Consultant

“I feel relaxed and calm whilst using my Proteus. After, I still feel like this for a while. I am definitely more laid back about life. I find myself reacting less to events. More chilled I guess. I would recommend the Proteus to anyone. I just wish I had more hours in the day to explore the other programs.”

Susan Carter – Staffs, UK

I find it to be a very useful tool for creative problem solving, unblocking my thinking processes whilst I intuitively map out and record down my goals.”

Ewan Drackley, Worcestershire, UK

“I really think this is an excellent way for busy people to unwind, find balance etc. I used to meditate regularly and persue other spiritual practices, but since the birth of my little boy, now two, I do not have as much time for these activities.
The Proteus is a good way to help maintain a balanced and healthy frame of mind, to remain compassionate, calm, and to feel the magic that altered states can work on my life. ”
—– Zoe Reynolds – West Midlands, UK

“Both my daughter and I are totally addicted to our Proteus now, it’s considered a daily treat.
We’re both feeling tremendous benefits from its use, my daughter sleeping markedly better, which is having a knock on effect on her capacity to study and her energy. I also note her to be more confident, assertive and just generally displaying a greater zest for life.
I myself just can’t believe the differences I feel. I have always tended to be quite anxious with tendency to depressive thought patterns and a lot of negative self talk. Now I wake every morning feeling happy and fit for anything the day may throw up. I’m noticeably calmer, even tempered and more organised and productive in work, feel better about myself.
My daughter and I just seem to hug and laugh more together which is lovely given the storms that can occur during adolescence. I just cannot believe my luck in stumbling across your site and that is meant whole heartedly.
I can’t believe these machines aren’t more widely talked about, advertised and promoted by gps, health service etc. It works a hell of a lot better than anti depressants or sleeping remedies. ”
—– Karen M, Northen Ireland

“I don’t sleep at all well but when I wake up now I use the Proteus and even if I have to use it 2 or 3 times I don’t feel exhausted in the morning as I did before. I love using it and feel really refreshed after a session. I’m really glad I bought it.
Using the Proteus helps a lot with visualization as it puts you in the right frame of mind.
I am really please to receive all your emails as every one had something interesting in it. Great customer service ”
—– Susan Jackson – Luton, UK

“Since using my Proteus, sleeping has been much better. My mind seems a lot clearer, and sharper,and I have more energy and motivation for my art work. Customer service A1, and I couldn’t be happier with the team. ”
—– Patricia Rawnsley – Nottinghamshire, UK

Differences to other machines

The Proteus boasts many of the features of other machines but features that set it apart are:

  • It uses red and green LED lights which are particularly beneficial. The green LED lights become more dominant and beneficial in the relaxation sessions and the red LED lights become more dominant and beneficial in the energising sesions.
  • If your budget is limited and your primary use for a Meditation Machine is for relaxation or energising then the Proteus is a good choice.

Proteus Sessions

The Proteus comes with 50 pre-loaded sessions. In addition to sessions that lead you into deep relaxation and meditation, there are programs to aid sleep, improve learning, enhance memory, creativity and visualisation and much more.

Click here to see all the Proteus built-in sessions.

How to use the Proteus system

Although it contains many advanced features, the Proteus has also been designed with first-time users in mind and so is very easy to use. Simply select one of the sessions, put on the headphones and light glasses, press the start button and close your eyes.

The red and blue LEDs produce extraordinary kaleidoscopic patterns of colour as seen behind your closed eyelids which are synchronized with the rich, pulsed tones that you hear through the high-quality headphones.

Your stress from the day is released as your brainwaves begin following the frequencies you are perceiving. Since the frequencies used in the Proteus sessions mimic those found in brainwaves during activities like meditation, dreaming, and deeply focused concentration – you experience and feel them as your brainwaves synchronize to the lights and sound.

Create your own sessions

You can even create your own sessions for the Proteus with the free Proteus Editor. The Editor is easy to use and contains a host of advanced programmable features;

Independent frequency control of the two colour channels, in addition to real-time colour crossfades between red and green

Single or dual binaural beats

“Randomizer” tool that allows the creation of sessions which vary randomly within programmable constraints, (for example, frequencies constrained to 9-12 hz and segment lengths of 1 to 3 seconds).

Commands to enable precise control of pulse rate 0.20 to 51.1 Hz, with 0.01 resolution), audio pitch (40.0 to 999.9 Hz with 0.1 Hz resolution ) and brightness (0 to 255, resolution 1) .

Control of wavetables.

There is plenty of room in Proteus’s memory to store your own created sessions.