Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep


Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? 

Sleep problems can be extremely debilitating and cause physical and psychological problems, such as headaches, lack of concentration, irritability, feeling of anxiety, muscle pain and so on.

More people contact us because of sleeping difficulties than any other reason. We’ve commissioned Clive Cable, the UK’s best selling brainwave entrainment expert to create an amazing audio track that will help to gently guide you into a deep, relaxing sleep.

The DeepSleep audio uses a number of advanced hypnotic techniques together with a specially formulated multi-layered musical score to induce a tranquil and refreshing night’s sleep. It can be used on its own or you can play it through a meditation machine.

If you’re not getting the kind of quality sleep you require, DeepSleep will lull even the most ‘sleep resistant minds’ into a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
Isn’t it time you get the kind of deep, restful sleep you deserve?

‘DeepSleep’ Download : Price : £14.99

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