About Us


Our Mission –

“To inspire people to relax, meditate and develop a calmer, less stressful and more fulfilled lifestyle”

Meditations Ltd was born out of an awareness of the growing interest in the use of meditation and relaxation techniques as an antidote to the fast-paced lifestyles that many of us experience.

Many people are put off by meditation because it seems mysterious and difficult to learn. The reality though is that our products can enable anyone to achieve deep meditation and relaxation with little or no effort.

We are independent specialists and have carefully chosen the best products available . We are able to offer unbiased advice about which items will be most suitable for you and invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

It is our desire to bring the benefits of meditation to as many people as possible.

We’re Sponsoring A Guide Dog

Guide Dog

Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind, which means we need to train more guide dog puppies.
MeditationsUK are proud to be sponsoring Flint who is starting his guide dog training.