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How a MindSpa put my life back on track

By Kate Scotter

This article appeared in the Norwich Evening News on 10th December, 2008
Emily GundleWhen Emily Gundle was 23, she was studying to be a lawyer at a top university and had her whole life ahead of her.

But she then fell pregnant and due to complications during childbirth she was given a double dose of anaesthetic and was left with what was described as partial dementia.

Now, more than two decades later, she has got her life and memory back thanks to a mind-altering gadget.

The devastating blow came when Mrs Gundle experienced a difficult birth with her first child in the Philippines, where she is from, 21 years ago.

When she came round from the operation, she was left with an impairment to her brain which meant she found it difficult to concentrate and had problems with her memory.

She sought a cure from GPs, neurologists, haematologists and Chinese doctors but no one was able to help her and she was forced to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Having accepted her fate, she then moved to Dubai where she met her now husband Richard and the pair then moved to England in 2003 to bring up their own daughter, eight-year-old Elizabeth.

Just weeks ago, however, the family were watching Channel Five programme, The Gadget Show, when they saw a device called MindSpa, designed to stimulate the brain.

The device uses different frequencies of ight and gentle sounds aimed at achieving a deeply relaxed state, known as an alpha state, or the beta state, a state of cognitive stimulation and focus.

They thought it might be worth trying and have been amazed by the results.

Memories have started to rush back and Mrs Gundle’s mind has become a lot “clearer”. The couple, who live in Thorpe St Andrew, describe the effects as a “miracle”.

Mrs Gundle, now 44, said: “I feel so much better. I can remember things and it’s brought back so many memories from the past.

“Before I couldn’t even remember a sentence and when people told me things I would have to write it down straightway. I used to lose my temper easily because I wanted to do something or remember something but I couldn’t. It was very frustrating and very difficult but now I can think more clearly.

“I had accepted my fate,” said Mrs Gundle, whose first daughter Kathleen, 20, stills lives in the Philippines. “I had got a simple job in Dubai to support my daughter and then met my husband and we came back to England, where he was from.

“I learnt to live with it. I didn’t want sympathy so I tried to hide it from people.”

After they watched the Gadget Show, they decided to buy the MindSpa, which is an American-made machine and cost them less than £200. They used the device from October 22 in conjunction with CDs they had been using and found it worked almost immediately.

Mr Gundle, who runs a business near Swaffham, said: “It’s a mind-blowing miracle. We had tried everything, omega oils, having a correct diet, these CDs which are supposed to subconsciously re-programme the brain and found that they were working very, very slowly.

“After she started using MindSpa, I noticed almost immediately that it was working, she was feeling different, had so much energy and was sweating for the first time since I met her.

“We think it’s improved her brain by about 90pc. She’s just a changed woman. She lost 21 years of her life and now has got it back.”

Mrs Gundle is now set to enrol on to a computer course at City College Norwich in January and is studying property as the couple plan to start up their own property rental company next year.

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