A course can make a huge impact on your life for a relatively small cost.

We offer a range of courses that will help to improve the quality of your life in very significant ways.


  • Psychic Development is a 12 week e-course that you undertake in the comfort of your own home and takes you from the basics of understanding the psychic ability you have within you, right through to advanced psychic development.</br>
  • ‘DeepSleep’ is an audio programme that uses an number of advanced hypnotic techniques together with a specially formulated multi-layered musical score to induce a tranquil and refreshing night’s sleep. It can be used on its own, or you can play it through a Meditation Machine.
  • Completely Confident Now: Poor self confidence or low self esteem can affect just about everything in life, from relationships, to job prospects, to your overall enjoyment of life itself. Our Completely Confident Now audiostrobe programme will help you to overcome insecurity and build your self-belief. By listening to this programme, you will quickly develop a powerful sense of self-confidence and a winning, positive mindset.
  • ‘Financial Prosperity’ is an audiostrobe programme that can be used with or without a Meditation Machine. Listen to the programme three of four times a week (or even every day) and you will soon start to feel a deep, positive change as you progress towards your financial goals. The powerful mind-programming techniques will fill your mind with positive suggestions and motivate you to live the life you deserve
  • ‘Wake Up Empowered – Overcoming Procrastination’ is an audio programme that will enable you to stop procrastination before it starts.You’ll learn how to automatically manage your tasks and quickly complete them enjoyably. And you’ll improve your time management skills to effortlessly get the most out of each day at work or at home.
  • Concentrate Your Mind is a 4 week e-course involving only 10 minutes per day and 30 minutes once a week, in the comfort of your own home. It results in an entirely new, empowered and success oriented future stretching out before you.
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a revolutionary system you can use to overcome emotional distress such as: anxiety, stress, compulsions and fears.It’s a drug-free method of literally tapping into your body’s energy and clearing blockages – without using acupuncture needles, medication, or any other invasive technique.
    The course consists of an eBook and tutorial video that shows you exactly what to do.


Please do contact us if you have any questions about these courses and we’ll be happy to advise you without obligation.