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Product Description

The Laxman ‘Innertainment’ system is an advanced light and sound system that includes an integrated MP3 player for people who wish to experiment with the many opportunities that audio/ visual stimulation provides.

In addition to the excellent built-in programs the Laxman allows you to create your own light and sound sessions that you can use with your own music tracks, language-learning modules, self-recorded affirmations or hypnosis scripts, audio books. The possibilities are endless!

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We’re giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every Laxman System 
  • Intuitive menu control
  • Exclusive ambient sounds
  • Expandable memory
  • Editor software
  • USB interface
  • Top quality casing

What People Say

“I would like to add my comment to the already flourishing testimonials you possess.
The Laxman is an extremely good machine which offers so much in the way of relaxation, meditation and learning that it outshines its medical compatriots.
I thoroughly recommend the Laxmanm especially when bought from MeditationsUK – one has exceptional after-sales service and a knowledgeable team willing to help at short notice.”
—– Dr Sue Palam – London, UK
“I am very impressed with the Laxman.
I’ve used other ‘light and sound’ machines but this is very different from any I’ve tried before. Being able to transfer music and self-development tracks on to the Laxman makes it very convenient to use and means that everything I need is on one system instead of me having to connect different components together.
The light goggles are amazing and produce an incredibly soothing visual effect. I’m glad I bought it.”
—– Alan Simmons, Bournemounth, UK

Revolutionary Glasses

The Laxman’s Glasses break new grounds: they can create every colour of the light spectrum. The light is transmitted indirectly onto closed or open eyes. Interference patterns generate kaleidoscopic structures in all colours.

Laxman GogglesThis new breakthrough technology alone works extraordinarily well for shifting mind-states, but its effectiveness is compounded with the Ganzfeld Effect of the goggles. You will be awash in kaleidoscopic geometric structures while you shift into a more relaxed state of mind.

The Ganzfield (German for “complete/full field”) effect happens when the sensory system is steadily overloaded with a uniform signal from a featureless field of vision. Ganzfield creates the illusion of an open field of vision of infinite depth. It can help you enter into a profoundly altered state similar to sensory deprivation.

The Ganzfield effect is very desirable during visualization, meditation or relaxation practices to reduce distractions and to deepen the state. When the Ganzfeld effect is used in conjunction with light and sound the effect is very powerful.

Laxman’s Features

The Laxman combines all the assets of a conventional “mind machine” with the characteristics of a state-of-the art multimedia device: an MP3 player and specifically designed All-Colour-Ganzfeld-Goggles.

Laxman Glasses

The product is complemented by other features like intuitive menu control, four hours of exclusive ambient sounds, expandable memory (SD card), its own editor software, a USB interface, top quality casing, and many other technical attributes that should leave nothing to be desired.

The Laxman is the only light and sound relaxation system that allows you to add neurologically effective visual structures to your own music tracks and to carry light and sound in one single device. Use the MP3 player to create your own multimedia event – enjoy your own music not only as an auditory but also as a visual- and sensual experience!

Clinical Studies

LaxmanThe Laxman’s efficiency has been clinical tested in a study carried out by Dr. Gabriel at the University Hospital of the Charité in Berlin. The study examined whether using the Laxman can improve cognitive performance, reduce stress, anxiety and improve general mental health.

The results show that using the Laxman leads to an enhanced level of stress tolerance, better relaxation ability and improvements in concentration, focus and memory.

You can read the study in more detail here.

Create Your Own Sessions

The Laxman is the only relaxation device that incorporates a light and sound system and an integrated MP3 player. This means that you can download audio tracks (such as music, self-development tracks, affirmations, subliminals, guided meditations, etc) directly onto your Laxman and then combine them in just a few seconds with light and sound sessions. This adds another dimension to using light and sound machines that can be incredibly rewarding.

LaxEditIf you want to take it even further, you can open any MP3-file in the LaxEdit software and place precise colour and frequency events with the help of an intuitive time line or an analytic table. Afterwards, you transfer the produced lax file together with the respective MP3 to the Laxman by means of the provided USB cable. The session now appears in the Laxman menu and can be used like the pre-installed sessions.


LaxmanAs well as the traditional pulse sessions that other Light and Sound systems have, the Laxman also includes built-in sessions that incorporate ambient and nature sounds, such as chirping birds, bubbling brooks, Tibetan chants and didgeridoos.

Advanced users can set frequencies and other session characteristics manually. The expandable memory card provides enough space for a large number of self-created sessions or MP3 titles.

The Laxman’s Built-in Sessions

The Laxman includes a number of classic light-and-sound sessions that incorporate binaural beats and hemicircle tones to produce a uniquely effective and enjoyable sound experience. There are sessions that target the alpha, theta and delta frequencies and that have been designed to aid relaxation, improve sleep, enhance concentration and focus, and lead you into deep states of meditation.

In addition, there are a number of ambient, nature-sound sessions. These are described below.

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The MegaBrainZones ‘Perform’ – a session by Michael Hutchison is produced in outstanding quality, recorded with enormous technical and scientific expenditure, and to this day belong to the best psycho acoustic music available.

Peak Performance alpha energize
The Espresso replacement for a spirited start after rests and for mental or sportive continuous peak performance. Ideal for PC work, for learning and for superlearning.

Deep Relaxation delta sleep
These frequencies induce natural meditative states, accompanied by deep physical relaxation, which lead to a refreshing, natural, and healthy sleep.

Across alpha regeneration
Synthesized sounds take us from the scenarios of the past day into the oasis of relaxation. Silence prevails, you immerse yourself in a world of sound. What remains is a flight of thought over flowering gardens, past all walls of our civilization, to this old tree that has put down its roots here for more than 100 years. It represents the recurring blossoming in the course of the world. The old man has been sitting here for all his life and tells this story about the only thing important in life … love.

Lovely theta visualize
The flashing ascent of our galactic, great giver of warmth and light – the sun. A spirited, beautiful day full of live and unique moments. The entire colour spectrum of nature followed by an inspiring sunset on the horizon. A , crackling open fire blazes against the background of a crystal-clear night with full moon and thousands of jingling stars. The cuddly warmth of the glowing logs makes the body comfortable and conveys a languorous feeling of timelessness.

Underwater love alpha focus
Water is not only an elixir which gives us strength and is an indispensable component of ourselves, but is also the habitat for a large variety of creatures and plants. On a trip into the unexplored depths of our fascinating water landscapes we discover undreamed-of beauty. Immerse into a crystal clear sea of satin and enjoy iridescent colours and forms of the underwater world.

Asian Highlands delta regeneration
In the poikilothermic areas of our earth the life of man is constantly affected by the forces of nature. Where the Autumn rain falls downhill onto the leafy canopies of the tropical forests, the fresh high land wind blows over the seemingly endless high mountain ranges, driving enormous wafts of mist, there is a place of relaxation for anyone. Who responds to the call of nature far from the densely populated civilization experiences the overwhelming diversity of species of primitive times.

Didgeridoo alpha activate
From time immemorial the didgeridoo has been used by Australian Aborigines as cult instrument. The overtone wind instrument produces rhythmic vibrations deeply affecting the body, thus leading to a synchronization, so to speak a “reset”, of various body frequencies. Let yourself be carried off by the trance of the musician into the night of the Australian bushes.

Chanting delta transcendence
Overtone singing is a singing technique in which the partials of a sound wave are selectively amplified and made audible. Each pitch that we hear contains additional pitches which determine the tone colour or timbre of the pitch. Everyone can experience these pitches in his or her own voice by slowing down the modulation of the vowels.

In the shamanic singing of many cultures the overtones play an important role to contact other consciousness dimensions which transcend the usual forms of our perception.

Vibrations delta sleep
“Vibrations” is a journey through a world of unheard and yet strangely confident sounds touching your inner self. The sound of the crystal sound bowls of Carlo Michael, starting gently and getting more intensive later on, creates multi layered vibrations which can be physically experienced. Experience yourself as a vibrating part of the infinite space.

Bionic theta visualize
“We are not the innovators we think we are; we are just repeaters.”

Often inventors have only copied what plants or animals have been doing for thousands of years. Applying the principles of nature is so common that a name has been coined for it: BIONICS.

Countryside alpha activate
The classic: natural sounds to relax and feel well. Chirping birds and purling brooks, calm and contemplative spirits in nature, experience a Autumn day anytime and anywhere. Created by the child therapist Dr. Arndt Stein.

Beach theta relax
A contemplative walk along a deserted beach, only the sound of the waves and the call of the sea gulls. You are at one with yourself and feel the elementary power of the sea. This relaxation classic was also created by Arndt Stein.