Nikken Magnetic Therapy

Nikken products feature innovations that set them apart from anything else on the market. They combine traditional wisdom with modern technology and advanced engineering. The result is a product that represents practical solutions for dealing with life’s everyday challenges.


The diverse products and technologies are integrated to operate with each other and provide an environment that actively promotes good health.


Nikken technologies are based on the application of various forms of natural energy.


Nikken – Natural energy for life


Since its very beginning, Nikken has developed means of harnessing the energy that exists in our natural environment and delivering it through life enhancing technologies and products.


Today it continues to make use of this energy as a fundamental principle.


These are the forces that are found in the physical universe, phenomena that have been extensively researched and are included in the basic study curriculum in chemistry, physics and biology.


There are many forms of energy that can exert an influence on the human body and these derive from a variety of sources.


These energies are found everywhere and are a precondition for all forms of life. All are natural and renewable and when maintained in our everyday environment, are conductive to a healthy lifestyle.


Nikken offers a broad selection of products designed to help integrate this energy in every aspect of your day.


Magnetic Technology


Magnetic energy is part of the natural environment for all living things. Earth’s magnetic field is also recognized as a protective barrier against dangerous radiation from space.


The precise mechanism of action magnetic energy on the human body is unknown, although numerous theories exist. Clinical studies have indicated that magnets hold promise in the development of new, scientific approaches to many of the challenges of modern life.


Magnetic Equalizing Technology is a principle based on the fact that human contact with Earth’s magnetic field has been disrupted and attenuated by the artifacts of modern civilization. The technology seeks to counterbalance that effect and produce an environment that more closely corresponds to the natural magnetic field that has surrounded humans for millennia.