Financial Prosperity Programme

“Can You Still Afford to Be Broke?”

With the rising cost of fuel… the high cost of food… the increasing cost of living… it’s now becoming too expensive to be short of cash.
If your money situation is as bleak as the weather forecast then this may be the most important message you’ll read this year.”

Cash is king they say. Yet most people have less and less of it these days. As you turn on the news or read the papers you learn of another price hike. Either a new stealth tax or a jump in fuel prices.
Christmas has come and gone but this cold snap just keeps going on and the funds keep running out.
Let’s face it… life without enough money is hard.
And yet if you look at the statistics there are more millionaires alive today than in any time of our history.
Financial Prosperity
Why is this?
Is there something you haven’t been told? Is it because these millionaires know secrets you don’t?
You may have heard of the law of attraction. Maybe you’ve even seen films like ‘The Secret,’ which say you can attract riches and success is your birthright.
You probably have seen the many self-help books on how to get rich and wealth is yours for the taking.
Well, if it were that easy we’d all be filthy rich wouldn’t we?
Obviously it’s not that easy, or simple.
There is far more to wealth than the law of attraction. Way more than what is in any of these films, books or catchy slogans.
It does have something to do with attraction, but it’s not a ‘law,’ it’s not ‘magic’ or ‘voodoo.’
Nor some trick of the mind.
It’s better than that.

The conscious controller
Your mind works the same as any millionaire or even billionaire. There is essentially two parts. The conscious and anything outside of your consciousness.
To keep it simple… let’s call one part your other-than-conscious mind. This is the part where all of your habits live.
Like breathing… walking… sleeping… driving… any sport you’re good at… your job (if you do it well that is).
In fact anything you don’t need to think about consciously.
I mean, if you had to think about walking every time you walked you’d just confuse yourself. Put this foot here, that foot there. Balance my body, etc.
No, it’s all the “programming” you have inside your mind… things you’re unaware of.

And that’s the point.
Before the law of attraction became popular the success writers wrote about a different theme.  They called it ‘correspondence.’ As within – so without.  Whatever you hold on to, think about a lot and believe in, is your reality.
It’s what shows up for you in the world.
Lets go back a few years when Milton Erickson was alive. He was the world’s greatest hypnotherapist.
All the other doctors, psychiatrists sent their worst patients to Dr. Erickson. And without fail he cured them all of their mental disorders.
Since then many books have been written about him.
And he even inspired Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder to create NLP.
How hypnosis works
You may not like the word hypnosis or even fully understand it. However Erickson used what he called an ‘intervention.’ Before we explain what that is, you need to know a bit more about your brain.

Financial Prosperity CDYour conscious mind directs your other-than-conscious mind all the time.  Your beliefs first come to you through your five senses into your conscious mind.
If you touch something and it’s hot and hurts you, guess what? You tell your other-than-conscious mind to be careful in the future.
If you eat food that tastes good, guess what ? You instruct your other-than-conscious mind to continue to eat it.
But what if you eat too much?  Or eat the wrong foods and get ill or put on too much weight?
That is YOU giving the “wrong” set of instructions to YOUR other-than-conscious mind.
Now the twist.
Whatever you say to yourself you tend to believe… EVEN IF IT’S BAD FOR YOU.
And therein lies the problem with wealth.
Now… going back to Dr. Erickson.  He knew each patient had a problem.  Even though every problem appeared differently – it was really the same.
The patient was out of rapport with their other-than-conscious mind. So he had to communicate directly with that part of the patients mind in order for it to have the “right” set of instructions and fix the problem.
He called this intervention.  He intervened between the clients conscious and other-than-conscious. This came to be known as hypnosis.

Here’s why you don’t have all the money you want and need.

Somewhere along the way you have given yourself a set of instructions that prevent you from having wealth. You have directed your consciousness away from money.
And yes it is that simple. But not easy to fix by yourself.  If it was then all those films, books and slogans would have done the trick.
You need an intervention similar in structure to what Milton Erickson used and similar to what is now common practice in hypnotherapy today.
The only problem is a hypnotherapist isn’t qualified to make you wealthy.
That’s why we’ve commissioned two specialists to create for you the ideal intervention to set into your other-than-conscious mind the thinking patterns of the rich.
Between them they formed an alliance of language patterns and music that reorganises the structure of your mind to be wealthy.
Those earlier success authors had it right when they said “as within –so without.” What this means to you is your inner world creates your outer world.
What you think about you bring about. You do this by entraining your brain.
What is brain entrainment?
Brainwave entrainment or “brainwave synchronisation,” comes about when outside stimuli causes your brain to relax or, alternatively, to gear up for high activity like sports.
It’s the reason certain types of music calm you down, while other types pump you up.  Your brain literally falls into step with the sounds it hears. The scientific name for this is the FFR or “Frequency Following Response.”
This happens naturally when we engage in any kind of activity. However, what these guys have done is to entrain your brain in a certain way that “forces” it to concentrate on creating wealth.
Just like the millionaires and billionaire do all the time without even realising it.
Behind the veil
They do this by using layers of music that open up areas of your brain for receptivity to almost hypnotic language patterns. Plus binaural and isochronic tones or beats to put your mind in the ideal learning state to easily absorb new information without the need to criticize of question it.
In other words you form new beliefs about money to enable you to have more of it flow into your life as and when you want it.

Neuro-Prosperity Programming

We’ve called this exceptional brain entrainment session ‘Neuro-Prosperity Programming’ and we want to make it affordable for everyone. That’s why we’ve priced it at £19.99

Neuro Prosperity
You actually get two sessions. The main track is around 35 minutes and enables you to soak fully in the transformation process that will carry you to your desired outcome. There is also a shorter track of around 10 minutes for you to use when your time is limited.
Listen to the sessions three of four times a week (or even every day) and you will soon start to feel a deep, positive change as you progress towards your goals. The powerful mind-programming techniques will fill your mind with positive suggestions and motivate you to live the life you deserve.
Guaranteed to make you wealthy
You have 365 days to use this information. If it doesn’t bring you more wealth, more abundance, more prosperity than you have today, simply return it for a refund.
Imagine what life would be like as you have more money to enjoy life. Doing the things you’ve always dreamed of.
It all starts with the way you think and what you believe.

Take advantage today and change your life tomorrow and forever.


‘Neuro-Prosperity Programme’ Download Version : Price : £19.99

The main file is arround 87 MB and can be downloaded if you have a good broadband connection

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