“What Would You Do If You Had More Confidence ? “

…. asks Clive Cable, the UK’s Number 1 Brainwave Entrainer and author of ‘Influential Intelligence’.

Clive Cable“Have you ever admired those people who seem to have it all?  You see them confidently chatting at parties, business meetings and social get-togethers. They are the ones with the best jobs, the nicest partners and the most interesting friends.

Are these people any smarter than you? Probably not.  What it comes down to is their level of confidence.”

Everyone needs confidence to fulfil their potential. It is the one quality that separates those who enjoy life, their work and their relationships from those who don’t.
Confidence comes from the Latin word ‘confido’ – which means to put one’s faith or trust in someone.
    And . . . that includes you.  
Poor self-confidence or low self-esteem can affect just about everything you do in life and the way you feel about yourself.

With low confidence everything suffers – interviews can become scary, relationships strained, promotion prospects fade as job performance stays the same or gets worse.  Your social life can become painful instead of fun. Even meeting new people becomes a struggle, and going out with friends can be hard.

Here are the signs of low self-confidence…

  • You can’t stay calm under pressure
  • Not always standing up for yourself
  • Changing your behaviour based on what others think
  • Staying in your comfort zone, fearing failure, avoiding risks
  • You find yourself working hard to cover up mistakes and hoping that you can fix the problem before anyone notices
  • Dismissing compliments offhandedly. “Oh that was nothing really, anyone could have done it.”
  • Difficulty being assertive
  • Fearing confrontation
  • Having an extremely low opinion of yourself
  • Difficulty in one area such as public speaking
  • Social phobia
  • And many more . . .

Your level of self-confidence can show in many ways. And even worse others pick up on it reducing your chances of success with them.

People are always reading your behaviour, your body language, how you speak, what you say, and so on.

Imagine trying to get someone to do something you want them to do, but you don’t have the confidence to ask them.

Or asking for more money for what you do. And even persuading someone to buy something from you, or believe in you enough to do something really important for you.

You probably wouldn’t stand a chance.

Take this quick confidence quiz and find your level of confidence

1. On the whole, I am dissatisfied with myself. YES  tickbox     NO  Tickbox
2. At times, I think I am no good at all YES  tickbox     NO  Tickbox
3. I am not able to do things as well as most other people. YES  tickbox     NO  Tickbox
4. I feel I do not have much to be proud of. YES  tickbox     NO  Tickbox
5. I certainly feel useless at times. YES  tickbox     NO  Tickbox
6. I wish I could have more respect for myself. YES  tickbox     NO  Tickbox
7. All in all, I am inclined to feel that I am a failure. YES  tickbox     NO  Tickbox

If you answered yes to just two or more questions then you’re going to love what’s coming up next.

MargoConfidence is a powerful force.  When we have it we feel we can take on the world. When we don’t, even the smallest challenge can feel impossible.

With confidence you can do almost anything – without it you can do practically nothing. Self-confident people inspire people around them.

Gaining the confidence of others is one of the fastest ways to success, happiness and even wealth.

And, whether you’re working on your own self-confidence or building the confidence of people around you, this one behaviour can make or break you.

If you visit any good bookshop today and look in the ‘self-help’ section you’ll see more books on confidence than any other subject.

That’s because everyone suffers from it at some crucial point in their lives.

Although these books come at confidence from slightly different angles all of these authors have one thing in common.

They all expect you to read their book.

How boring…

Imagine having to wade through hundreds of pages just so you can feel more self-assured.

Then you’ve got have the confidence to follow through on all those complicated exercises.

What were they thinking? Surely there must be a better way.

The good news is that today self-confidence can be installed like software and once installed can be used whenever and wherever you want and need it.


Simply using brainwave entrainment that synchronizes your thoughts. It’s like the experiments you may have seen with iron filings and magnets.

If you pass a magnet close enough to these iron filings they all go in the same direction.  By using layers of music that open up areas of your brain for receptivity to behavioural change. You get the same effect as the magnet pulling all of your thoughts in one direction. Next you have isochronic tones or beats to put you mind in the ideal learning state to easily absorb new beliefs about your confidence.

Then you have exquisitely structured language that guides your mind into a powerful state of confidence. If you have a light and sound machine this effect is amplified and with the audio-strobe feature turned on the brainwave entrainment will be at maximum power.

Works like a dream

Win Winger, Author of ‘The Einstein Factor, and The Genius Code’ and other dream researchers talk about how the brain works at night

During the day the conscious mind takes in its information through your five senses.PeterAt night all of the information that impacted you during the day is transferred from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.

This gets ‘processed’ as you sleep.  You see a series of images with words that appear randomly flashing inside your brain.

These, according to the researchers, are symbols of your previous day.

This strange phenomenon is what you call dreaming

These dreams hardly ever make any sense. Things seem a little weird and confusing.

Then before you wake up, your subconscious mind passes everything back to your conscious mind. Now you have it in a logical, rational, sequential order.

You wake up with new understanding and knowledge. This you call learning.

The information has formed within you overnight ready for today.

Behind the curtain

This unique programme does the same while you relax.

Using symbolic language to evoke just the right images in your mind, your brain translates these into symbols of experience without you going through the experience.

You learn effortlessly to change as your brain cannot tell the difference between an imagined event and one that took place.

You see, hear and feel everything just as you do when you’re dreaming.

You may even fall asleep. If you do that’s even better, because it means all this takes place in real time – changing your level of confidence instantly.

So, when we say this programme works like a dream – it does. Unlike guided imagery or meditation, we use your brains natural ability to process new behaviour.

RebeccaWe’re working with your brain the way your brain works.

Until now this type of brainwave entrainment and dream-like awareness was only available to a small number of people.

But now with the magic of high end sophisticated computer software combined with skillfully structured words you gain the unconscious thought patterns of the most confident people in the world.

All without any effort from you.

Imagine how much more successful you’ll be when you have the self- confidence in your life you’ve always wanted. You’ll be able to do the kinds of things you’ve until now only dreamed about…

Can you put a price on confidence?

A friend of my friend’s girlfriend just paid one thousand and three hundred pounds to go on a weekend seminar to learn to become more confident.

Imagine that.

She said she was a changed woman.

But, it only lasted days. She’s right back to being who she was before. Waking up every morning feeling depressed.

I know people who’ve spent hundreds going to counseling sessions to build back their self-worth. Not to mention the time driving back and forth telling a stranger all their problems.

No, you won’t have to pay £100 or more, because the price has been set at £19.99 . And it’s worth every penny.

You are going to be so ecstatic when you find out how this learning session changes you for the better forever, and I’m so certain it will bring you more success in all you do you have 365 days to use this programme.

If it doesn’t bring you far more poise more self-esteem and more confidence than you have today, simply return it for a 100% refund.

Confidence isn’t something that has to come and go – it’s now possible to feel confident all the time.  It’s not important that you have this programme, what’s important is what it will do for you in every area of your life.

Having amazing levels of confidence will transform your world, get you that job, that date, the pay rise… with confidence you can make a success of just about anything.

Some people say to me that you can’t change just listening to a CD.

But, I know that with the power of brainwave entrainment technology, change is not only possible – it’s easily achievable because it happens subconsciously where all change happens.

And the best thing is – you do nothing except relax your way into a more successful you.

If you’ve already experienced a session like this you’ll know how well this works.

This session is 51 minutes long and will entertain your mind while entraining your brain.

It’s what we call enter-trainment – building a better you, one success habit at a time.

We both know sooner or later you’ll be in a situation where you wished you had the confidence to do what is necessary.  Why wait for that painful moment, when you can build confidence beforehand?

You’ll be so glad you did.

TonyAs you consider how your life will be when you have more confidence, you might like to think of a time in the near future when it’s absolutely crucial that you have confidence and as you think of that see yourself now with the kind of confidence you’ve always wanted.

I’m not going to tell you to get this programme because that’s your decision, not mine.

But what I will say is once you listen to it your whole life will change for the better – forever.

Everyone around you will notice the changes and they will like you more for no apparent reason.

Your self-belief will shine through in ways you can only begin to imagine.

Yours for a much more confident future,

Clive Cable

Brainwave Entrainer and Author of ‘Influential Intelligence’

Confidence CD


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