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Note from the author of the programme, Clive Cable.

The Science Behind the ‘Completely Confident Now’ Programme


Please only listen to this session with your full concentration away from outside distractions.

Before I begin… thank you for allowing me to be your trusted guide in profound change. I know you’ve probably been told certain programmes you’ve bought in the past will create change within you. I also know that this programme is different. So I’m not going to ask you to believe me about the changes you will discover because this session doesn’t work by just believing it will.

Here’s why. . .

Many years ago a young Richard Bandler studied the world’s greatest hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson. This incredible genius developed over a 60 year career his own brand of hypnotherapy called ‘Ericksonian Hypnosis.’

Dr. Erickson worked all his life with patients that the best therapists of the day couldn’t do anything with. As a last resort they were referred to this great doctor who worked under clinical conditions in a hospital.

He concluded that those patients with problems had them because they were out of rapport with their other-than-conscious mind. Dr. Erickson created strong rapport with the patient’s other-than-conscious mind, while putting the conscious mind ‘on hold.’ Then he did what he did best, gave suggestions that were immediately accepted by the patient’s other-than-conscious which then went on to correct the problem.

Richard Bandler was struck by the man’s ability and together with John Grinder created Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) to continue the ground breaking work of Dr. Erickson who died in 1980.

Today NLP had been embraced by many professionals and gained world acclaim for its effectiveness.

My own study of NLP began in 1987. Since then I’ve been mentored by the only person in the world that was allowed to certify NLP diplomas to the business community.

His name is Kenrick Cleveland and I cannot recommend his teaching highly enough. I’ve spent the last four years of my life intensively studying his material. His ethics and morals are among the best I’ve ever encountered. These he ‘installs’ into all of his clients to help maintain the integrity of his legacy.

He is very expensive to study from and his material is difficult to master. But, as you’ll discover in this session, the effort was worth it. Kenrick has shown me a vast number of proven strategies for making positive changes in others and I’m proud to bring his advanced NLP methods to you here.

This session begins by taking you on a journey of discovery. Using symbolic language, visualisation, special sound effects, you feel like you are actually there in the experience. And of course you are, because your brain can’t tell the difference between an imagined image and a real one.

Even if you find yourself now disbelieving that last statement, dream researchers wiring people up to encephalographs have proven this to be the case.

You begin your expedition going up a grassy hill and seeing a shape in the distance representing who you are becoming.

We originally called this session ‘The Six Sided Self.’ We took six aspects of confidence and placed them into the shape. Along the way you find yourself encountering the meaning of each aspect as you move through this experience.

Drawing on vast studies my voice guides you through difficulties you may have had and moves you past them. Using therapeutic techniques you get to relive past experiences and change them in a way that is beneficial to your vast future.

You are not meant to follow this consciously as many have tried. You let go and relax your way into a more dynamically powerful you. You let your brain to create the change and you get to keep the change.

Every second of this session can be heard consciously. There are no subliminal or hidden messages. However, you’ll find some of the words hard to follow in real time. That is how it should be for you to gain the full effect of what Master Practitioners on NLP call ‘sleight of mouth language patterns.’

They are similar in structure to Dr. Richard Bandler, and you can find brilliant examples in his latest book, ‘Make Your Life Great. There is nothing untoward about these patterns as they are used in therapeutic sessions by very skilled NLP practitioners all around the world.

It’s just that up until now very few people with this level of skill use it on a larger scale to make important, positive changes in the lives of those who are astute enough to recognise what is being given to them.

Even the backing sounds are multi-layered you hear everything that going on. We are using very sophisticated software to create these sounds especially for your enjoyment, and to bring about rapid change.

These sounds open up areas of the left and right hemispheres to facilitate rapid learning. Even your corpus coliseum is triggered to bring about stronger connects between your left and right brain.

The effects will astound you.

This work has taken many long hours to perfect. There is nothing available like this is the commercial world – as far as we know this is a first.

If you have a light and sound machine (this is best) set it to audio-strobe. It will work without one of these machines, may be not quite as rapidly. We say six sessions and you’ll notice fantastic shifts in your level of confidence.


Right from the very first listening you’ll feel great about yourself. Then it builds on each listening. Let me let you into a little secret. I don’t want you to tell anyone else about this, okay?
People will begin to change around you. They will be nicer to you. I can’t explain why… it’s one of those unexpected side effects.

I hope you like surprises. I know I do, we want to give you an unexpected gift. There is a second track It’s called, ‘Completely Confidence Booster.’

It’s just 16 minutes long and it’s designed to improve your health to enhance your confidence even more. Play this after you’ve played the main track several times.

I know the main track will keep your interest over a very long period. It was designed that way. But, it’s always nice to have a change. There’s a breathing exercise on the booster track that prepares you for our more advance rapid learning programmes. When they become available, we’ll let you know.

Enjoy the changes… they will astound you.


Clive Cable

Meditation Machine Users

The ‘Complete Confidence Now Programme’ will be extremely effective on its own, but you can amplify the effects even more by using it with a Meditation Machine.

If you have a Meditation Machine set it to Audio-Strobe, a feature which allows us to control the lights, ensuring you of an amazing learning session.

If you don’t already own a Meditation Machine, you can learn more about them here .