AudioStrobe CD’s

What are AudioStrobe CDs

AudioStrobe encoded compact discs include a special signal which directly controls the lights of your Meditation Machine, allowing precise synchronization between audio and visual stimulation. There are two AudioStrobe collections.

AudioStrobe Collection (7 CDs)

AudioStrobe CDs

1. Audio Illusions

Norman Durkee, Seattle composer, takes you on a wonderous musical journey, complimented by light patterns that take the visualization experience to new heights.

You’ll find sound cues as diverse as a trip to a primitive jungle and encounters with primal spirits, to unexpected urban soundscapes that melt into flowing water and fluid keyboard interludes. (4 pieces, approx
54 minutes).

2. Tibetan Highlands

Richard (Karma) Moffett, master musician and Tibetan scholar, combines authentic Tibetan instruments and modern keyboard performances to create two exotically different light and sound journeys. (2 pieces, approx. 50 minutes).

3. Dreams In The Mind’s Eye

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s groundbreaking work with sound patterns has been used by psychologists, bodyworkers, and hypnotherapists across the country since 1981 to affect consciousness. Using segments from Dr. Thompson’s digital recordings, new sound collages and designed complimentary light patterns have been assembled to create a dynamic, entertaining, synchronized light and sound experience. (3 pieces, approx. 43 minutes).

4. Journey of The Drums

AudioStrobe CDs

Prem Das and Muruga Booker, two master drummers, present an extraordinary collaboration of rhythm and power. The steady Water drum of Prem Das provides the trance ground while Muruga’s Nada Drum dances, soars, circles and hovers, always singing joyfully. This music plays with the elemental spirits of life and light, and will appeal to the urban primitive in us all. (2 pieces, approx. 57 minutes).

5. Water Planet

Flowing music set to light by Andrzej Slawinski, creator of AudioStrobe.

This collection comprises four pieces, each enhanced with a dynamic light experience to create an exciting and entertaining psycho-acoustic light/sound event. (4 pieces, approx. 53 minutes).

6. Brain Scan

A new release from Tamas Lab – very effective AudioStrobe 3-D sound
and light structures.

Beta, Alpha and Theta tracks, resulting from their many years of experience in audiovisual stimulation.

7. Requiem

This composition creates an environment of near death experience. It is based on a biophysical measurement of the light emitted from dying yeast
cells done by Prof. Dr. Janusz Slawinski.