Why Meditation Machines Are A Great Way to Meditate

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Meditation-Machines-MeditationsUKThere’s no denying the many proven benefits of meditation – it’s a practice that has been around for centuries and has been recorded as early as 1500BC. Over the years, a wide variety of techniques and methods of meditation have developed and today, there are numerous different options for how people choose to meditate.

One tried and trusted technique is through the use of a meditation machine. In summary, meditation machines are small devices that typically consist of a set of special glasses or goggles and a headset, both of which attach to a small  console unit. They are completely portable and easy to use. By using low-intensity flashing lights (via the goggles) and rhythmic sounds (via the headset) they combine to naturally slow your brainwaves and encourage a meditative state.

One of the most frequently asked questions about meditation machines is, “how do these meditation machines compare to traditional meditation – what benefits do they offer?” Let’s have a look at the answers below:

Meditation machines make meditation easier

Meditation is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Often due to busy schedules or growing frustration, many people give up on it. One of the key benefits of using meditation machines is that due to the reduction of external influences, such as sound and light, the path to achieving meditation is cleared and encouraged. Once the aural and visual stimulation of the device is added to this, it becomes far easier to reach a state of meditation.

Meditation machines save timeMeditation-machines-meditationsUK

Modern life is lived at a relentless pace and finding time for the little things is increasingly difficult. A large part of our lives is built around convenience – and simply put, traditional meditation is not always convenient. Finding somewhere quiet and isolated to meditate can be next to impossible at times and once there, it can still be a struggle. Meditation machines address the issue of scarcity of time by having a set of programmes that  start from as short as only 10 minutes. As mentioned previously, the reduced impact of external stimuli also plays a particularly helpful role in ensuring that the limited time you spend meditating is done so effectively.

Meditation machines offer guided meditation

Meditation-Machines-MeditationsUKOne of the most impressive features of meditation machines is the range of guided meditations they offer. Each type of guided meditation programme alters the stimulation to the brainwaves that encourages the desired outcome for the user. This means that you are enjoying the benefit of meditation that is specific to your needs at the time that you need it. This makes for an effective use of your time and ensures that you get what you need most from practising meditation.

Meditation machines make meditation more accessible

Meditation machines have brought this ancient practice into the digital era, making it more accessible to today’s population. These devices are easy to use, can be used anywhere and don’t require users to have a wealth of knowledge about meditation before using them. This ease of use makes meditation a lot more accessible to anybody interested in the practice.

Overall, meditation machines take the difficulty out of meditating. If you’ve ever tried meditating but for any number of reasons haven’t been able to do so effectively or if you’re an experienced meditator who wants to deepen your practice, then perhaps it’s time to try using a meditation machine.

If you’d like to know more about meditation machines, what they have to offer or what benefit they can provide to you, visit our blog, website or get in touch with us. The team at Meditations UK would love to be of assistance and are happy to provide any information, advice or assistance you need.


How to Combat Insomnia by Meditating

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How-To-Combat-InsomniaTossing, turning and checking the clock only to see that it’s been a mere five minutes since you last checked. You have probably started getting into the habit of keeping active during the day just so that you can fall asleep at night. What else is left for you to do? Meditate! How will this help? Well, we’ve put together a simple guide on how you can combat insomnia by meditating. You won’t need to get out of bed for this, don’t worry.


How-To-Combat-InsomniaOption 1: Remember to breathe

No, not as you are breathing now. Meditation requires being aware of your breathing, which helps block out internal distractions. Try to breathe slowly and rhythmically as this has a naturally relaxing effect on your body and mind. Count the number of breaths you are taking. To increase your focus on this, count backwards or in multiples of two or more.

Option 2: Combat insomnia using your pillow

Your pillow has probably felt a few nudges and tosses in an attempt to make it comfortable enough for you to fall asleep. Laying on your back, rest your head in the centre of your pillow comfortably. Your chest should be open so that breathing is not constricted. Place your arms on either side of your body with your palms facing up. Focus on feeling every part of your body individually. Incorporate option one into this position.

Option 3: Add a little soundHow-To-Combat-Insomnia

Complete silence could be one of the factors contributing to your insomnia. White noise can be soothing and relaxing, it is just a matter of finding your preference. Autonomous sensory meridian response, commonly known as ASMR, is the tingling sensation that sends you into a relaxed state. Think about how sleepy it makes you when someone plays with your hair – ASMR audio can give you a similar feeling, combating insomnia without doing much.


Our meditation machines use natural light and sound to guide you gently into a peaceful state of relaxation, allowing you to fall asleep effectively and effortlessly. As specialists in meditation machines and associated products, we offer personalised advice and guidance to suit each customer’s needs. Contact us for advice or to order your meditation machine.


What Are Meditation Machines and How Do They Work?

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You may have seen or heard about meditation machines in the news or perhaps while online, but what does a meditation machine consist of and how do they actually work? Have a look at what all the fuss is about here. This introduction to meditation machines and how they use light and sound to achieve a number of different results for those who use them is the perfect starting point.

What Are Meditation Machines

meditation-machine-kasinaMeditation machines are devices that help you meditate. Usually, they are small and portable devices that are easy to transport. Most available meditation machine sets will include headphones and glasses that present audio and visual inspirations to the wearer. You might not be paying attention to them initially. However, your brain will start to follow these visual and audio prompts subconsciously. Meditation machines effectively slow down a person’s brain waves. This assists dramatically with meditation. Meditation machines make it possible to be able to experience calmness and relaxation or achieve increased focus or relaxation if you choose to.

At Meditations UK we stock five different types of meditation machine. Each of these is geared towards achieving different results for the user. We’ll also be able to give you advice about choosing the right meditation machine for you. We also offer courses to use in conjunction with them. We’d recommend getting in touch with one of our friendly team so we can ensure that you choose the right device for your specific results. For example, the Kasina meditation machine has a “Night Voyage” setting that is perfect for people who are battling insomnia. In contrast the “Accelerate” function aids with concentration, focus and peak performance.


How does a Meditation Machine work?

Meditation Machines use an advanced mixture of audio and visual technology. Using light and sound they guide your mind and body gently into a deeply relaxed state. A series of flickering lights in varying frequencies and colours combined with specialised sounds are used to guide the brain into a variety of states. The states range from intense focus to calming meditation.

You’ll hear specialised tones and pulses through the headphones, known as “binaural and isochronic” beats. These tones are proven to be very helpful for leading the brain into more relaxed states.

The lights in the glasses will begin to flicker at the same frequency as the audio tones that are being heard through the headphones.

The pulses of light and sound are quite fast to begin with. Your brain which ticks over quickly at a normal level of consciousness, needs to be engaged by them. Progressively, the pulses slow down, and your brain follows suit and slows down in time with them.

The imagery created by the light and sound focuses your mind and silences any internal dialogue. Your brain’s various areas gradually start to work in unison to lead you into a meditative state identical to that of masters of meditation.

Different types of sessions on Meditation Machines?

Meditation Machines have an assortment of different types of sessions built into them each with a different purpose. There are programmes for relaxation, meditation, sleeping, stimulation and creative visualisation. The light patterns and sounds in each session differ so that you are able to achieve the results you are after. As a result, the patterns for relaxation and stimulation differ significantly from each other. Similarly, the light and sound patterns that are used for meditation are much slower and gradual than those used in programmes which are used for focus.

Some meditation machines, such as the MindSpa, have glasses that allow you to see through their lenses so that they are suitable to be worn while working or studying. As a result, this has been shown to be an effective study aid and can make focusing on tasks much easier.

At Meditations UK we specialise in meditation machines and associated products. We offer personalised service and pride ourselves on the fact that we truly care for each of our customers. Our range of meditation machines is extensive. Give us a call on 020 83710436 . Above all, we’ll be able to advise you on the perfect device for your needs and budget.