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The Benefits of a Mind Machine

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Benefits-of-a-mind-machineHow Can Using a Mind Machine Benefit Me?

There are many people who are cautious or even doubtful about using a “mind machine”, as some of our products are known. However, there is a range of benefits that you can experience from using these devices. Thousands of research studies show that meditating for as little as fifteen or twenty minutes a day improves physical and mental health and well-being. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that meditation has to offer:

Psychological Benefits of Using a Mind Machine

Most benefits of using a mind machine are a result of deep relaxation and meditation. As can be expected, this means that there are several psychological benefits, and some may come as no surprise to you.

Improved mental health:

The calm and introspective nature of meditation leads to an overall improvement in mental health for those who practise it.

Benefits-of-a-mind-machineIncreased creativity, learning ability, and spirituality:

The neocortex of your brain is the part responsible for creativity and learning. Through meditation, the neocortex is stimulated, resulting in enjoyment and growth in these areas.

Less stress, anxiety & depression:

Taking the time to be mindful and completely relaxed leads to a dramatic decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression.

Improved memory:

Meditation can help you activate the areas of your brain that are responsible for memory, allowing you to improve your ability to retain and recall information significantly.

Greater emotional stability:

Along with reduced anxiety, stress and depression comes a greater sense of emotional stability that will leave you feeling more in control of yourself.

Better concentration and focus:

With regular meditation, you gain better control of your mind and teach it to focus more effectively.


Physical Benefits of Using a Mind Machine

When considering meditation, one does not immediately think of the physical benefits. However, these are very possible. Daily meditation can have fantastic benefits you may not have been considered.

More energy:

Your body will have time to regenerate and recharge more effectively resulting in increased energy as it relaxes and slows its natural processes.

Reduction of stress-related illnesses:

Lower stress levels lead to reduced instances of stress-related conditions, such as insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and so on.

Lower blood pressure:

The soothing and calming properties of meditation result in a much-reduced level of blood pressure.

Reduced pain:

A meditation machine helps with targeting parts of the brain which associate with pain in the body, and state of mindfulness can help ease the pain.

Boosted immune system:

Along with the improved sleep patterns, better recovery is improved by a boosted immune system, which is a benefit of allowing your body to focus on recovery.

Better sleep patterns and increased energy:

Meditation is an effective way to train your mind into relaxing and slowing down, which can assist with getting your brain and body into better sleeping patterns easily.

Faster recovery:

The body has more time to focus on injuries or illness regularly when it is in a meditative state.

On the whole, using a meditation machine has wide-ranging benefits with knock-on effects on both mind and body. Better sleep patterns and increased energy go together with improved mental health and reduced stress. Similarly, the increase in energy will allow for greater creativity. Using a mind machine does not only accelerate but also enhances these effects. The technology behind stimulation of your brain allows for far easier and more effective meditation. It may seem like a small and relatively insignificant step but taking a little time each day to meditate and truly relax can change your life in so many ways.


To learn more about meditation, mind machines and their benefits, get in touch with us at Meditations UK. As experts in our field, we offer reliable advice. If you’re interested, have a look at our range of meditation machines or give us a call on 020 83710436. We’ll advise you on the perfect device for your needs and budget.


What Are Meditation Machines and How Do They Work?

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You may have seen or heard about meditation machines in the news or perhaps while online, but what does a meditation machine consist of and how do they actually work? Have a look at what all the fuss is about here. This introduction to meditation machines and how they use light and sound to achieve a number of different results for those who use them is the perfect starting point.

What Are Meditation Machines

meditation-machine-kasinaMeditation machines are devices that help you meditate. Usually, they are small and portable devices that are easy to transport. Most available meditation machine sets will include headphones and glasses that present audio and visual inspirations to the wearer. You might not be paying attention to them initially. However, your brain will start to follow these visual and audio prompts subconsciously. Meditation machines effectively slow down a person’s brain waves. This assists dramatically with meditation. Meditation machines make it possible to be able to experience calmness and relaxation or achieve increased focus or relaxation if you choose to.

At Meditations UK we stock five different types of meditation machine. Each of these is geared towards achieving different results for the user. We’ll also be able to give you advice about choosing the right meditation machine for you. We also offer courses to use in conjunction with them. We’d recommend getting in touch with one of our friendly team so we can ensure that you choose the right device for your specific results. For example, the Kasina meditation machine has a “Night Voyage” setting that is perfect for people who are battling insomnia. In contrast the “Accelerate” function aids with concentration, focus and peak performance.


How does a Meditation Machine work?

Meditation Machines use an advanced mixture of audio and visual technology. Using light and sound they guide your mind and body gently into a deeply relaxed state. A series of flickering lights in varying frequencies and colours combined with specialised sounds are used to guide the brain into a variety of states. The states range from intense focus to calming meditation.

You’ll hear specialised tones and pulses through the headphones, known as “binaural and isochronic” beats. These tones are proven to be very helpful for leading the brain into more relaxed states.

The lights in the glasses will begin to flicker at the same frequency as the audio tones that are being heard through the headphones.

The pulses of light and sound are quite fast to begin with. Your brain which ticks over quickly at a normal level of consciousness, needs to be engaged by them. Progressively, the pulses slow down, and your brain follows suit and slows down in time with them.

The imagery created by the light and sound focuses your mind and silences any internal dialogue. Your brain’s various areas gradually start to work in unison to lead you into a meditative state identical to that of masters of meditation.

Different types of sessions on Meditation Machines?

Meditation Machines have an assortment of different types of sessions built into them each with a different purpose. There are programmes for relaxation, meditation, sleeping, stimulation and creative visualisation. The light patterns and sounds in each session differ so that you are able to achieve the results you are after. As a result, the patterns for relaxation and stimulation differ significantly from each other. Similarly, the light and sound patterns that are used for meditation are much slower and gradual than those used in programmes which are used for focus.

Some meditation machines, such as the MindSpa, have glasses that allow you to see through their lenses so that they are suitable to be worn while working or studying. As a result, this has been shown to be an effective study aid and can make focusing on tasks much easier.

At Meditations UK we specialise in meditation machines and associated products. We offer personalised service and pride ourselves on the fact that we truly care for each of our customers. Our range of meditation machines is extensive. Give us a call on 020 83710436 . Above all, we’ll be able to advise you on the perfect device for your needs and budget.