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Our Meditation Machines make deep relaxation and meditation easy
and are based on scientific principles developed by neuroscientists over several decades.

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Benefits of Meditation Machines

“Learn To Meditate Easily, Quickly and Automatically. Our Meditation Machines make deep relaxation and meditation easy and are based on scientific principles developed by neuroscientists over several decades”


Psychological Benefits

Improved mental health
Less stress
Increased creativity
Less anxiety and depression
Improved memory
Greater emotional stability
Increased learning ability
Better concentration and focus
A sense of fulfilment and purpose
Improved self-confidence
Increased spirituality
Greater awareness and intuition


Physical Benefits

More energy
Reduction of stress-related illnesses
Lower blood pressure
Boosted immune system
Better sleep patterns
Faster recovery
Improved co-ordination
Increased stamina
Reduced pain
Improvement in heart and artery health
Better motor skills
Increased brain function

How would you feel if your body and mind were in state of relaxation everyday?
…This could become a reality starting today.

We have a wide range of meditation machines and programs to help you achieve ultimate relaxation. We’ve had some incredible reviews from the like of ITV and The Gadget show, not to mention hundreds of satisfied customers. Our meditation machines make deep relaxation and meditation easy and are based on scientific principles developed by neuroscientists over several decades.

Meditation machines use special patterns of light and sound to lead you gently into the peaceful, calm states of mind and body that will help you relax deeply, improve concentration, memory and sleep more soundly.

Whether you suffer from stress, have physical problems or any of the other challenges that meditation can help with, we’re here to help you get more out of life. We also offer a free email newsletter that gives you further insights into how meditation can help. We are always available to discuss and answer any questions you might have about meditation and our machines.

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Dr Sue PalamDr Sue PalamLondon, UK
“I would like to add my comment to the already flourishing testimonials you possess. The Laxman is an extremely good machine which offers so much in the way of relaxation, meditation and learning that it outshines its medical compatriots. I thoroughly recommend the Laxman especially when bought from MeditationsUK - one has exceptional after-sales service and a knowledgeable team willing ...


Elizabeth Elizabeth Oranmore, Ireland
“I use my Mindspa every evening and my sleep has improved a lot.Prior to using the Mindspa, I slept only when medicated.I FEEL RESTED each morning and that has been my greatest gift from using this machine. I promote this product wherever possible as its truly life changing..Thank you ”


Patricia KnoxPatricia KnoxAnglesy, Wales
"There was that embarrassing occasion at my computer class when, after the first hour, I could no longer concentrate. I had to go home feeling humiliated . I had only had 3 hours sleep.Then there were the even worse times. when I had had no sleep at all, and I just had to recline on a sofa all day. I ...


Dr Sarah BrewerDr Sarah BrewerGP & author of 'Cut Your Stress' (Quercus)
“The Laxman Meditation Machine offers the ultimate in relaxation. Different sessions are designed to enhance relaxation, learning, sleep and creative visualisation. As a doctor I would recommend it to anyone with high blood pressure, chronic pain, anxiety, stress-related problems or sleep difficulties such as insomnia."


Leonora RedmondLeonora RedmondWest Yorks., UK
“I have been sleeping really well now for two weeks. The Meditation Machine concentrates my mind completely on meditation. I feel more alive and in control afterwards. I am much more focused and feel very happy and positive about my life.Customer service has been good.I am a different person. I have used affirmations and they have really worked. I feel happier, ...


Alexandra ArnottAlexandra ArnottFife, Scotland
“I LOVE my Laxman, I feel calm and positive during the sessions and can meditate. I love the colours and patterns and feel peaceful and positive after a session.I've been using the machine to help with my diagnosis and coping with the leukaemia. The machine has been invaluable to me during this difficult time. Without exception it raises my spirits, ...


Brian LittlewoodBrian LittlewoodBarnsley, UK
“I would like to let everybody know how impressed I am with my Inner Pulse.I have recently gone through a marriage breakdown and have been at the bottom of the hole, and since I have been using the Inner Pulse I have gone from being at the bottom to probably one of happiest blokes in Barnsley.If they gave every politician ...


Margaret Margaret Cambridge, UK
“Thank you for all the follow up emails you have sent me regarding the use of my meditation machine. Your post sales support are appreciated.My Procyon machine has been very helpful in calming my very busy mind. It has also helped me become conscious of my breathing and my body thereby enhancing my awareness of the present moment.I find on ...


Christine OrrChristine OrrEdinburgh, Scotland
“I find the Meditation Machine really excellent.I use it if I wake up too early and am almost always able to get back to sleep. This makes a huge difference to the way I feel.”


Lee RewLee RewCambridge, UK
“I just wanted to say how much I love the Meditation Machine I bought .. it helps me relax and helps me to sleep .. fantastic value for money. The email follow ups are a great bonus too. Thanks for something that actually works!”