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Interesting research has been performed on the benefits of using Light and Sound machines. The following articles contain much useful information - but they can be a little heavy going. (Most are in PDF format ).

Clincal Study On The Laxman - The Laxman’s efficiency has been clinical tested in a study carried out by Dr. Gabriel at the University Hospital of the Charité in Berlin. The study examined whether using the Laxman can improve cognitive performance, reduce stress, anxiety and improve general mental health.

"The results show that using the Laxman leads to an enhanced level of stress tolerance, better relaxation ability and improvements in concentration, focus and memory."

You can read the study in more detail here.

The Clinical Guide to Sound and Light. - The classic guide by Dr. Thomas Budzynski. A wide-ranging discussion of how he has used sound and light technology in his clinical practice.

A Short History of Light and Sound - A great introduction to the history and background of the subject by Michael Hutchison.

Academic Performance Enhancement - A 1999 study which demonstrates a significant increase in academic performance following regular use of early Meditation Machine technology.

Light and Sound and Learning-Disabled Children - 'The use of auditory and visual stimulation to improve the cognitive abilities in learning-disabled children'. A dissertation by Dr. Ruth Olmstead. Dr. Olmstead has extensive experience treating children and adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, and a number of neurological disorders.

How Meditation Can Help With Weight Loss - An article explaining how meditation can help you to achieve the right mental state that is essential for successful and sustained weight loss.

An independent, scientific review of the InnerPulse DeLuxe - You can read an objective review of the InnerPulse DeLuxe by Adam Palmer. Adam measured his brain's electrical activity with an EEG monitor while he used an InnerPulse session. The results show that his brainwaves slowed down during the session producing a deeply relaxed state.


Biofeedback & The Wild Divine Project

What is Biofeedback ? A short description of Biofeedback produced by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Don't Shoot ! A review of 'The Passage' from The Wild Divine Project. This article appeared in the Yoga Journal , July/August, 2004. It was written by Justin Hall has written about cyberspace and culture for the New York Times, Wired and Rolling Stone.

Lord of the Rings. A review of 'The Passage' from The Wild Divine Project. This article, by Clint Witchalls, appeared in The Times , March, 2004 (PDF format).



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