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For a limited period with each Meditation Machine we are including a FREE four week 'Concentrate Your Mind' e-course worth £25.

This course is the perfect complement to your Meditation Machine. Use the easy-to-follow exercises during your Meditation Machine sessions and start to see amazing results in a few days.

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Product Description

The InnerPulse is an advanced light and sound machine that incorporates myriad features that will bring you many physical and psychological benefits.


"I've had my InnerPulse for nearly six months and I still look forward to using it nearly every day.
The sounds are incredibly soothing and effective and I think the sessions are well put together. I find the green lights of the glasses very gentle on my eyes.
I would say that using my InnerPulse has had a profound effect on my life. I am calmer, less stressed and less prone to losing my temper. It has changed the way I look at life and I feel more positive than ever before.
I have told all my friends about the InnerPulse and I know that several have bought them from you with good results."
----- David Killopitas - Huddersfield, UK

Breathing Programs

For many years, spiritual teachers have told us that breath control is an important key to achieving deep meditation and overall good health. In addition to a great range of normal light and sound programs, the InnerPulse system includes 10 breath pacing programs. These sessions will guide you to breathing patterns used in traditional Yoga and Tao meditation practices. They provide another gentle path to mind expansion and relaxation.


Special Offer

We're giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every InnerPulse System - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety.

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Ultra bright green glasses

InnerPulseThe InnerPulse system comes with ultra bright green glasses that have been specially selected for meditation and relaxation. The green lights provide extremely soothing visual stimulation and are very restful - even for people with sensitive eyes. The InnerPulse uses sine wave light which pulses light waves that start dim and gradually increase until full illumination. The light then gradually decreases in intensity until it is dim again. This minimises eye strain and produces a very relaxing effect.


High quality headphones combine with the InnerPulse's advanced sound synthesizer to produce incredibly rich and soothing tones. Although you will probably use the default settings most of the time, you can take complete control of the sound and adjust the pitch, frequency range and tone. If you like to experiment, then you can tailor sessions to meet your exact requirements.

"I went through a very stressful time about three years ago and since then my sleep patterns have been a mess. I was quite desperate and willing to try anything to get my sleeping problem sorted out.
I came across the Meditations website and when I phoned for advice they recommended the InnerPulse. I gave it a try although I was quite sceptical about it. I can only say that it has been fantastic. The sleep sessions are like an anaesthetic - they completely knock me out. The best thing is that I wake up refreshed and full of energy. I would recommend it to anyone who has sleeping problems."
----- Pamela Harris - Coventry, UK


InnerPulse sessions

The InnerPulse comes with 50 pre-loaded sessions that are divided into several categories : relaxation, meditation, sleep aiding, learning enhancement, energize, visualisation and breath pacing. Additional sessions can be downloaded.

Click here to see all the InnerPulse built-in sessions

"I have been using my InnerPulse for about two months
Tablets that I have been taken for two years for blood pressure, supposedly for life, done a blind test, left them out for two weeks, and not only did my blood pressure remain the same, but also gave exceptional readings, the best the doctors have seen for a long time. This blind test was done with my doctors consent. Also I believe my stress levels have come down, hence better anger management control. All of this I am 100% sure down the the InnerPulse.
Thankyou Meditations for everything, and this comes from the bottom of my heart. God bless."
----- Ray Curtis - Norwich, UK


Key features of the InnerPulse system

  • 64 built-in sessions for deep relaxation, meditation, help with sleeping, improved learning, energizing, creative visualisation and more
  • 10 built-in breath pacing sessions
  • Over 50 additional programs can be downloaded
  • Ultra bright green LED glasses for soothing visual effects
  • stereo headphones
  • Control of left and right side intensity of lights gives choice of left and right hemisphere stimulation in different intensities.
  • Control of session duration
  • Control of pitch to personalize audio stimulation for even stronger effects
  • AudioStrobe™ decoding circuitry. This allows specially encoded music CDs to control the Inner Pulse's lights resulting in perfectly synchronized audio-visual experiences. Click here to learn more
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use. Sessions are organized into categories for easy, fast selection.

"I use the InnerPulse most days now and I am very committed to it. I feel it has made a difference to my quality of life. I certainly have become much calmer, which is my main reason for using it.
The customer service appears to be top class. I was impressed with the rapidity of the delivery. I particularly liked the idea that I could make my purchase over the phone and I was greeted by a friendly and confident voice. "
----- Jill Harrison - Leeds, UK

Differences to other machines

The InnerPulse boasts some features that set it apart from the other Meditation Machines.

  • It's the only system that has breathing programs that provide you with another way of achieving states of deep meditation and relaxation. The InnerPulse uses sound to help you pace your breaths and provides a range of programs to enable you to build your breath control progressively. These programs are based on Yoga and Taoist breating practices and you will be amazed at the feelings of serenity and tranquility you will attain.
  • The in-built programs can be altered to different lengths of time, depending on your needs. For example, a 40 minute program can be easily modified to run for 20 minutes if that's all the time you have available. This, and the InnerPulse are the only machines that have this feature.
  • With this machine you have more control over the pitch, frequency range, and tone of the sound production. You can also specify individually the intensity of the left and right side of the light glasses, which allows you to give greater stimulation to the left or right hemisphere.

What People Say

“I use my InnerPulse regularly and am getting tremendous results.
I haven't worked my way through all the programmes yet, but have tended to use the shorter ones most (lack of time). During my sessions I feel very relaxed and tarnquil. How I feel afterwards varies according to which programme I have been using. This can vary from very alert and focused to quite sleepy and quiet.
The benefits have been a calmer, more relaxed me with less tension and mood swings. Better ability to concentrate and I would say my sleep pattern has improved also. Waking feeling refreshed rather than tired (as has often been my more usual experience).
Your customer service is excellent ! .”

Simon James - Leicester, UK

“Since using my InnerPulse my sleeping has improved overall. My sleep seems to be deeper and I'm sleeping through until 6 or 7 in the morning, which is a great improvement as I've just been through quite a prolonged phase of waking up at two or three and not being able to get back to sleep. Neither am I easily awakened by noises any more. I can no longer complain about not getting quality sleep!”

Alison McVey - Stirlingshire, UK

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If you have any questions at all then please do contact us. We'll be happy to advise you without any obligation for you to buy.

Only £199

Add to Basket
Includes our 'Concentrate Your Mind' course worth £25
BONUS - Also includes 3 amazing guided visualisations

Free next day delivery in the UK

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“I use my InnerPulse every day. The benefits are, well, vast. Thank you from a happy customer .”

Dave Lewis, UK

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