Using A Meditation Machine


Starting Out

NightThe benefits derived from using a Meditation Machine increase over time. Some people experience benefits the first time they try one with immediate feelings of calmness and restfulness. Others start to see significant improvements after several weeks with continuing progress.

The changes can be subtle at first. You may start to find that you have more energy and that your sleep patterns have improved. You may find yourself becoming less angry and reacting to stressful situations in a more controlled manner. You may find that your attitude to life changes and that you have a greater sense of balance. These changes are often gradual and you notice them after using your Meditation Machine for some time.

When to use it

mountainsRegular use of your Meditation Machine will achieve the best results.Try to make it part of your routine. As a general guide, you should use it at least three times per week. The maximum benefit will be gained by using your Meditation Machine every day.

Using a Meditation Machine is beneficial at any time. Some  people like to meditate early in the morning as this provides a great start to the day. Equally, some people  like to meditate in the evening to help relax and refresh them after work. If you have the time, of course, you can meditate in both the morning and evening to increase the beneficial effects. Some people even  fit in another session at mid-day as a way of energising themselves for the afternoon.

If you are experiencing sleeping difficulties, then you should use your Meditation Machine as close to going to bed as possible This will help to relax you and put you in the right state  of mind to fall asleep more easily.

Finding a Comfortable Position

treesOne of the most important factors in achieving a deeply relaxing state is finding a comfortable position in which to sit or recline during your meditation session, and one of the questions we are most frequently asked is “How should I sit or lie down when I use my Meditation Machine ?”

The best approach is to find the position that is most comfortable for you personally. If you are uncomfortable while you are using your Meditation Machine, then you will be distracted from the meditative state. The more comfortable your physical body is, the deeper the state of mind you will achieve.

Although it is perfectly possible to use your Meditation Machine when lying down, most people agree that sitting in an upright position is better  as this provides the best flow of breath and, as many traditions believe, the best flow of energy through your body.

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What to do when you use a Meditation Machine

The great thing about using a Meditation Machine is that you don't have to do anything.The light and sounds of your Meditation Machine will naturally lead you into a meditative state – automatically and easily.

There are, however, some things you might want to try to enhance your experience, such as counting breaths and using affirmations. We provide you with some ideas when we send out your Meditation Machine. We also send you regular emails containing hints and tips about how to get the most from your Machine.

Using Your Meditation Machine with Personal Development tapes and CDs

treeMeditation Machines can greatly improve the effectiveness of various types of recorded materials such as personal-development and hypnosis programs. Your Meditation Machine will move your mind into the optimal calm, relaxed state for the material to be most effective.

Simply determine the length of the program you intend to listen to, and then choose a relaxation session of approximately the same length. You can use the supplied 'patch' cable to mix the recorded material with the Meditation Machine's built-in sounds. Alternatively, you can listen directly to the recorded material while running one of the relaxation sessions with just the special glasses on.

Using Your Meditation Machine to Help with Sleep Problems

woodsSleeping difficulties can be caused by many things. Using a Meditation Machine helps to deal with one of the primary causes - mental stress.

Stress can manifest itself at night as an over-active mind. The mental chatter we carry on inside our heads can overwhelm our ability to get a good night's rest.

Using your Meditation Machine immediately before you go to bed will help naturally to quieten your mind and relax your body. It will also help to produce the brain wave patterns that trigger sleep.

In a more general way, using your Meditation Machine over time will improve the way you handle stress and and condition your mind to be quieter and calmer. This will have a cumulative effect in improving your sleep patterns.


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