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Proteus Sessions

The Proteus comes with 50 pre-loaded sessions. In addition to sessions that lead you into deep relaxation and meditation, there are programs to aid sleep, improve learning, enhance memory, creativity and visualisation and much more.

RandomLearning SetVisualization Set
0Rand.‘PullOutTheStops’1710 MinsQuick Alertness3315 MinsMindLab Visualize
Peak Performance. Set1835 MinsLearning With Tapes3425 MinsMindLab Visualize
120 MinsPower Regenerator1915 MinsRelax Before Exams3535 MinsMindLab Visualize
218 MinsPerf. Intensive2015 MinsConcentration3645 MinsMindLab Visualize
315 MinsQuick Break2120 MinsCreativity3760 MinsMindLab Visualize
415 MinsPower Pause2220 MinsVisualization3815 MinsMindLab Energize
517 MinsAthletic Warm Up2315 MinsMindLab Learn3925 MinsMindLab Energize
630 MinsPeak Composure2425 MinsMindLab Learn4035 MinsMindLab Energize
Relaxation/Meditation Set2535 MinsMindLab Learn4145 MinsMindLab Energize
715 MinsQuick Work Break2645 MinsMindLab Learn4260 MinsMindLab Energize
825 MinsMind Sauna2760 MinsMindLab LearnSleep Set
916 MinsQuick RefresherWell-Being Set4315 MinsMindLab Sleep
1035 MinsRegeneration2825 MinsMind/Body Awareness4425 MinsMindLab Sleep
1160 MinsDeep Meditation2922 MinsAfternoon Break4535 MinsMindLab Sleep
1215 MinsRelax/Meditate3025 MinsDeep Relaxation4645 MinsMindLab Sleep
1325 MinsRelax/Meditate3118 MinsGoodnight4760 MinsMindLab Sleep
1435 MinsRelax/Meditate3225 MinsRelease the DayPyroTechnics Set
1545 MinsRelax/Meditate48Forever1
1660 MinsRelax/Meditate49Forever2
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