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Unyte – formerly known as Relaxing Rhythms – Biofeedback System.

Special Launch Offer.

Price including free UK  delivery: £295

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Unyte’s immersive experiences will lead you to wellness and relaxation.

Built with real-time biofeedback, Unyte guides you through exercises and directs you deeper with every session. Think of interactive meditation as a vacation for your mind.

We have a small number of lifetime subscription packages available as part of our special launch offer.

This will give you lifetime access to all of the current ‘Journeys’  and all future ‘Journeys’ as they become available.

The current ‘Journeys’ include :

  • Relaxing Rhythms – Allow yourself to be guided through a journey in the world’s wisdom traditions by multiple world-renowned guides.
  • Relaxing Rhythms 2 – Step through 10 events, each containing a guided meditation followed by an interactive element to tackle life’s stresses.
  • Escapes – Ease yourself into relaxation through 12 interactive biofeedback events and promote your mind-body connection
  • Body Scan Meditations – A great introductory journey; Body Scan Meditation helps you develop a mindful awareness of your bodily sensations.
  • Villa Serena – Discover your peace of mind by restoring the neglected Villa Serena, a metaphor for our minds, to its former beauty.
  • Mindfulness Meditation – This nine-step meditation program features the work of Dr.Tara Brach.

iom2 Biofeedback Device

The launch offer includes the new iom2 Biofeedback device.







With a simple ear clip, the iom2 measures your body’s Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to determine your Resonance score, which is a direct reflection of your state of stress or relaxation.

Paired with our Journeys software on desktop or mobile devices, the innovative iom2 helps you gain more awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and physical state, guiding you through your meditation and into deeper states of relaxation.

Your iom2 can connect to your devices either by Bluetooth or the supplied USB cable.

Heart Rate Variability

The iom2 primarily measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a measure of the variation in time between heartbeats and is considered to be a strong indicator of your meditative state. It has been shown through decades of research that a higher HRV correlates with an optimal, relaxed nervous system state, positive emotions, and improved health.

Unyte teaches specific breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques that are proven to increase your HRV. With Unyte, you gain instantaneous awareness of your nervous system state and learn to directly influence your HRV.


Resonance Score

Unyte’s Journeys include a customizable breathing indicator that guides you to a more optimum breathing rate. Your breathing rate influences your HRV and Resonance score, which is clearly displayed in real-time.

Unyte’s Resonance score ranges from 1 to 100% and is a direct reflection of the magnitude of your HRV. The higher your HRV, and the more relaxed you are, the higher your Resulting resonance score. As your score improves, the game progresses via clear visual and audio prompts that show your body is responding.


Track Your Progress

After each session, you will be presented with a summary of your results, including time spent, average heart rate and average Resonance score.

You will also have access to your own web-based dashboard where you can track your overall Unyte usage, scores and progress over time and across all of our Journeys.


Unyte Relaxing Rhythms Lifetime Subscription and iom2 : £295

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